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5 Guns The Government Doesn’t Want You To Have…

Do you own any of these? Are you concerned?

Here is what Iraqveteran8888 has to say: “Okay so I will be honest here. Is this one a little far fetched? No…they don’t want us having anything more than a sharp stick. I’m glad that you guys enjoy the 5 guns videos. We have many more planned. Some of them are fantasy based, while other reality based, but still, it’s an interesting subject. Not all people in the Government are anti-gun. There are many politicians that are pro-gun and fight to protect our rights when they are under attack. Unfortunately, many people in the Government think it is okay for their armed goons to be roaming the street but they want us to be disarmed for our own safety. Think about it people…You give up your guns and you will be giving up everything.”

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