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.50 BMG Long Range TRACERS – Very cool – Rex Reviews

TiborasaurusRex – These M48 spotter/tracer projectiles were originally designed to be fired from the M8C Spotting Rifle (a semi-automatic weapon with a 20-round detachable magazine) that was used to spot for the M40A1 106mm recoilless rifle.

WARNING: The M48 projectile was not originally intended to be loaded into the full pressure .50 BMG cartridges. The US military specifications for the M48A2 required a minimum of 1,500 yard tracer burn time for a MV of only 1,745 fps. This bullet has a very long contour and is filled with pyrotechnics and has only a 0.5 inch long cylindrical lead slug in the center. The back half is filled with tracing compound, the front half is filled with flash and smoke mixture.

NOTE: These bullets were designed for low pressure applications (38,000 PSI). While the bullet can be fitted into a standard 50 BMG case just fine, it was not designed to handle the full 50 BMG pressure. If you wish to load these projectiles into a 50 BMG case, be sure to safely drop your load down to the original velocity and pressure.

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    .50 BMG Long Range TRACERS – Very cool – Rex Reviews – Weapons Media

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    .50 BMG Long Range TRACERS – Very cool – Rex Reviews – Weapons Media

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