Lionheart LH9C – Compact Lion Edition

Weapon’s Media proudly presents to you Lionheart LH9C handgun video. Compact version produced by Lionheart Industries is made really solidly and has no inherited flaws. It provides the user with solid performances while doing what it is made for, semi-automatic fire with minimal recoil and smooth trigger pull. 9mm rounds packed in LH9C provide more than leathal force while firing through 3.6 inch barrel. LH9C by Lionheart Industries is currently available in two different colors: Cerakote Patriot Brown and the asic Cerakote black. How does this handgun feels and fires you can check out in the following video:

After viewing the video, we also find the unique feature quite interesting. You can pull the slide while the safety is on, that is something we rarely see implemented on handguns and in this case we find it is really interesting. Also pushing the hammer back in as a another feature is another thing we found interesting. You can actually push the hammer back before firing and if it was cocked before it will still fire. Good or bad, you be the judge here. We think this is interesting piece of compact handgun.

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