Soldier Shooting the Powerful German “RPG” Panzerfaust 3

Daily Military Defense & Archive – This video shows, in first part, a German soldier from the Bundeswehr training with the powerful anti tank rocket Panzerfaust 3. There are also Dutch and Norwegian soldiers at the firing range. It also shows, in the second part, a group of Czech and Dutch soldiers training with mortars. It took place in Poland.

The Panzerfaust 3 is a German build antitank rocket launcher but it can also be used against buildings. This weapon is similar in many points with the Russian/Soviet RPG-7. It’s manufactured by the German firm DAG and in service in various armies, like Germany, South Korea, Italy, etc… The tube is disposable, allowing it’s abandonment on the battlefield, to a lesser concern congestion during rapid change of position after a shot revealing its position to the enemy.
Video credit: Nato

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