TDI Knives: The Unseen Threat

Weapon’s Media crew came to like these little buggers. Why? Well they are easily concealed, sharp as a razor and can be used with great ease. Of course TDI knives with their really short blade can produce limited results, but in conjunction with other weapons, they can be pretty effective. Especially with a good sheath, TDI knives can be carried in lots of places without hindering your movement. Made by U.S. based manufacturer Ka-Bar Knifes Inc. this sweet little thingy might manage to surprise you, so let’s take a closer look, shall we:

For users that don’t like standard sheath these knifes come with, there are vast number of custom sheath’s avaiable for purchase. Or if you want, and have the knowledge you might create one for yourself.

How do you guys feel about TDI knifes? Are they something you would like to own? Tell us about it.

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