Top 10: Best Military Tanks 2014

It is time to present our Top 10 category for tanks. Tanks are an essential part of every military strategy where territorial warfare is employed. Without tank support, infantry would be far less effective and more easily neutralized by enemy. Even in urban warfare tanks can be used for cover and tactical advantage. Throughout history these heavy armored vehicles were detrimental tool in deciding tides of the battles. Let’s watch some top 10 tank in today’s modern world:

Some may claim other tanks like Leopard 2 or M1 Abrams should take top spots, while T90 and Leopard with no battle experience don’t actually deserve high spots. But we here at Weapon’s Media disagree, this video is “theoretical” and “personal opinion” based video. Every tank is good as it’s crew. Only good tank crew can utilize all of the tank’s features propertly and to the best effect in battlefield.

What do you think? Who is right? What tanks are on your top 10 list?

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