[VIDEO] Suppressors or Silencers – Everything You Need To Know

The Military Arms Channel from YouTube brings us this great, information rich video that answers most of the frequently asked questions about suppressors, silencers and suppressed weapons. Although there is a wide selection and many brands of suppressors, not every suppressors can be mounted on every gun. For more information about this topic, watch the following video:

Weapon’s Media Team found this video highly informative about the topic and we are glad that we can share this video with you guys. “Suppressors Or Silencers – Everything You Need To Know” video is more general view about silencers and answers most of the typical questions related to them. In the future we will bring even more educational videos on specific type of suppressor and guns they can be fitted on.

This is why we would like to hear from our visitors. Which type of gun + suppressor should we do next? Do you have any experience with suppressors? Which of them are best in your opinion?

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