BREAKING: Congressional Democrats Attempt to Incite Mass AR-15 Buying Panic – Assault Weapons Ban 2015

Have you heard about the new “Assault Weapons Ban of 2015?”


AllOutdoor has more…

Congressional Democrats are trying desperately to induce another round of panic-buying of AR-15’s. (Yeah, I’m talking about the newly introduced “Assault Weapons Ban of 2015” with 90 Democratic co-sponsors.)

But gun nuts are on to their tricks. They know that this bill has no chance of passing, so they won’t be suckered into rushing out to the gun store and buying up all the available “assault rifles” like they have the last 500 times this has been tried. Or rather I should say that if this does manage to produce a spike in AR or AK sales, I’ll be surprised since it’s pretty clear that this bill is merely symbolic.

What the bill will do, however, is energize the (constantly growing) base of American gun owners for the next presidential election. It will probably also raise money for the NRA. What it will not do under any circumstances is pass, and all 90 cosponsors know that.

Note to my Dem friends: if you’re really serious about triggering another national gun-buying panic, you’ll ditch this Sanders fellow and focus all your efforts on Hillary 2016.

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