So THIS Is How Politicians Get Away With Ignoring The Constitution. Think It is Not A Threat? Think Again…

Anyone who thinks our government follows the law, has never read the constitution, or if they did, has no idea what those words actually mean.
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I can show, just from the very words of the constitution, that the government operates almost completely outside of it, and is, in fact, a criminal organization. The Senate, in a 1973 report, # 93-549, admitted they don’t follow the constitution, because of “emergency war power laws”:

“This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority TO RULE THE COUNTRY WITHOUT REFERENCE TO NORMAL CONSTITUTIONAL PROCESSES”

I submit that the constitution does not give the government, any branch of it, any authority to suspend the constitution, so those “laws”, are themselves, unconstitutional.

Don’t believe me, go read the senate report yourself, from at least 1933* they have operated with disregard for the Constitution, this is one link but it is hosted at several sites:

*I say 1861, but that is a whole other argument.



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