Open Carry Vs Concealed Carry Of Handguns

I get a lot of questions about should you open carry or conceal carry? Which is better? It depends. If people don’t exercise a right, it goes away and Gov will convince the sheep they really don’t need the right since no one uses it, or only a few use it, or the ones that use it are crazy.

If you open carry that is no way to prove or know how many crimes you prevented, how many assaults you prevented since crooks that see the gun will NOT walk up and say I was going to rob you but when I saw your gun I changed my mind. You can’t prove or show the good so GOV wants everyone to believe ONLY the bad since they can show examples or distort the facts to confuse and mislead the public.

I don’t care how you carry, the more good people with guns the better the society the more crooks are nervous. Gov always puts more guns on the streets during times of high crime, riots, terrorist attacks, we call that a clue. MORE GUNS stop crime and put crooks in check.

Think Like A Cop – The Rest Of The Story

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