[VIDEO] “Burn In Hell Zionist Scum”: Anti-Israel Protesters Beat Attendee and Swarm Police Officers Outside AIPAC Conference

On Sunday, an attendee of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference was reportedly was beaten outside the event in Washington, D.C., as an angry group of anti-Israel protesters waved signs, shouted obscenities and closed in on the attendee before he managed to get inside.

Part of the incident was caught on video, which showed helmeted police trying to hold back the anti-Israel group.

Shouts from the crowd ranged from “Free Palestine!” to “Burn in hell Zionist scum!” and “You Zionist piece of shit!” and “Zionist pig!”

Townhall repors that the anti-Israel group “bullied conference attendees throughout the day” and shouted other epithets, calling attendees “murderer” and “baby killer.”

[WARNING] The following video recording contains profanity.

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