Backpacking Basics – What to Pack?

Every survivalist knows that packing only the essential items is important and could potentially mean the difference between life or death; depending on situation you find yourself in. Packing heavy items you don’t even need, could only burden you more and make you dehydrated carrying all that load for long distances; but packing only few essential items, you know how to use in most situations, will save you space and lighten the load on your back. MySurvivalSkills101 from YouTube offered his solution to this problem. Let’s see what he choose to pack in his backpack and what useful tips he provided us with:

Advantage of this backpack over others is “smart-packing”. “Smart-packing” should be crucial itemization priority of every survival backpack. For instance you don’t need to pack 15lbs of water if you know how to find it using only a knife. Or by using the same survivalist knife as a hammer could further increase your backpack’s utility.

How do you pack? What items should be essential in every packing for surviving? Do you think it’s smart to pack more or less items?

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