[VIDEO] 11 Year Old Girl Defends Home From 3 Armed Burglars

This little girl, with her pink rifle, displayed bravery that many adults could aspire to!

Video below:


GunsAndAmmo reports:

Three burglars in a suburban neighborhood in Albuquerque, N.M., got more than they bargained from 11-year-old resident, Alyssa Gutierrez. Since Gutierrez’ cousin left her alone in the house only moments earlier, she initially dismissed the sound of the door handle rattling as her cousin trying to scare her. In response, she turned up the volume on the television to ignore him.

When three teenaged burglars forced open the door with a crowbar and entered the residence, Gutierrez slid down from the couch where she had been seated in attempt to hide. The masked intruders spotted her and she realized that one of them was armed with a rifle.  Gutierrez ran to her mother’s bedroom and retrieved a .22 caliber rifle with a pink stock. The bolt action rifle was loaded with only two rounds.

Gutierrez, who had learned to shoot just days earlier, said, “I was planning if they came right next to me, I would shoot them.”  Gutierrez searched the residence while armed with the rifle.  Fortunately, all three burglars ran out of the residence and jumped a fence, where they were apprehended by an off-duty police officer.  Gutierrez’ parents knew one of the burglars and believed he intended to steal firearms from the residence.


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