Top 20 Soviet Snipers 1941-1945

Out in the snowfields of the steppe in their white camouflage suits armed with 7.62mm sniper rifles, these guys caused havic on the Nazi invaders, They crawled forward at night into bombed out buildings and out into no man’s land, where they dug snow holes and hides from which to watch and shoot!

The Soviets fielded snipers in the thousands during ww2-In fact there were hundreds of thousands of Soviet snipers fighting in ww2 including well over 2,000 female snipers.
The best-equipped Soviet soldiers were the snipers. Little was denied them..

Of course, the number of confirmed kills is much lower than the real number of kills. For example, F.Okhlopkov killed over 1000(!) enemy soldiers and officers

Soviet snipers were equipped with either a scoped Mosin Nagant 91/30 or a scoped Tokarev SVT-40.

The following ammunition was used by Soviet snipers during ww2 – 7.62 mm rifle cartridges with light, heavy, armour-piercing (B-30), armour-piercing incendiary (B-32), ranging adjustment incendiary (PZ) and tracer (T-46) bullets. Cartridges with light and heavy bullets… –Krasnaya Armiya

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