OVER 2 MILE SHOT (3561 Yards With A 338 Lapua Magnum)

2 Miles? That is quite a shot…

Here are some details on this 2 mile hit video:
Location, west of YORK Western Australia (private property)
Shot distance: 3561 yards (2 miles 31 yards)
Rifle: Customized SAKO TRG 42 in 338 Lapua Magnum
Mods: Custom made muzzle brake, Custom modified Cold Shot moab adjustable scope base, custom mods to stock include cheek piece, butt stock and extra weight, US Optics, anti cant swivel bubble, trigger weight 1.25lb’s, bipod modified SAKO TRG.
YouTube vid link: CUSTOM SAKO TRG Rifle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPUXb…
Scope: Night Force ATACR moa scope
Rear Bag: Allen rear bag on our 4AW Adjustable bag base.
YouTube vid link: ADJUSTABLE BAG BASE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eXIw…
Rounds: Hand loaded, 300 grain Berger projectiles, prepped new lapua brass, 95grains ADI AR2225 powder, Federal gold medal primers, COAL 3.840″.

Shot data:Elevation 283moa (180moa on adjustable base 103moa on scope) Windage 5.5moa left
Weather: 64 deg F, 29.5Hpa, 1197 feet above sea level, wind ~12mph 180 deg (6 o’clock)

Corriolis and spin drift accounted for 2.8moa elevation and 3.64moa Left windage

TOF (time of flight): 9.4 seconds

Other Equipment
Spotters scope: Yukon 6-25/25-100 x 100 mirror scope on camera tripod.
Long range 200x camera: Canon power shot
Target 24″x 24″x 3mm mild steel plate hanging for our stainless steel field frame.

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