Beretta 92FS Steel Parts Kit Upgrade

We thought this video may be interesting for many reasons and one of them is educative aspect. MosinVirus wants to upgrade his Beretta 92FS from plastic parts to steel parts using “Beretta 92FS steel Parts Kit” and he has filmed all of the procedure. The video continues by showing where you can buy and how can you can upgrade the pistol. The way he does it makes it very easy for anyone who has this problem to solve it without needing help or any special tool. Check out the video for more:

Beretta 92fs steel parts kit includes:

  1. Recoil guide rod,
  2. Safety lever assembly,
  3. Trigger
  4. Magazine release assembly

In the end of video, this guy tests if all of the kits setup is ok and do they look fine, but this leaves us with some questions; Why Beretta 92FS by default does not come with steel parts? What do you guys think, is using plastic parts safe enough? For all of these questions we would liked to know your personal opinion based on your valuable experience.

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