KSG -Vs- DP-12 |Which is THE BEST BullPup Shotgun?|

After Popular Demand, It’s time to see which is the Best Bullpup 12gauge Shotgun on the Market…the Kel-Tec KSG or the Standard Manufacturing DP-12? Though there are other Bullpup Shotguns on the market, these seem to be the Top 2 for now!…This video is VERY LONG, but wanted to cover all the bases…(SEE BELOW FOR TIMELINE SKIPS)
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You can find the Time Line below for SECTIONS OF THE VIDEO:

-Details of both shotguns- STARTS @0:54
-SHOOTING PORTION with discussion- STARTS @10:21
-Pros vs Cons Review- STARTS @23:21
-My Sign Off- STARTS @30:36
(This way you don’t waste your time if all you want to see is shooting or details.)

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