The Baddest Battle Rifle on the Planet! – FN SCAR 17S Definitive Review

Welcome to the most comprehensive SCAR 17S review to ever grace YouTube. Over the last four years we have had the opportunity to thoroughly test the SCAR platform. This is what we discovered. We’ve put this beast through its paces with many of the aftermarket parts available to it, and we’ll share what has worked best for us. We’ll also share what makes it great, and what little could be improved upon.
This review is long overdue. The SCAR 17s has carved out a permanent spot in our hearts, like few firearms ever have. We’ve loaded the entire video with live shooting footage gathered throughout our time with this fantastic rifle. You won’t find a more comprehensive review anywhere.

As requested, here is a list of the aftermarket upgrades I have made to my SCAR, as seen at various points in the video. I may have forgotten a few accessories, but this list should contain the majority.

-Leupold LR/T Mark 4 3.5-10×40 M2 Illuminated
-Handle Defense SCAR25 MOD 2 Magnesium Lower
-20″ Rebarreling Fluted
-Geissele Super SCAR Trigger
-MI SSR-SCAR Keymod Handguard
-LaRue Tactical SPR-S 20 MOA Mount
-Handle Defense SCAR Stock Hinge Tan
-TBR FN SCAR Brass Recovery Bag
-Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator
-Vltor SCAR Stock
-Accuracy First Cant Indicator
-SureFire SR09 Plug-In Tape Switch
-Savvy Sniper QUAD Duel QD Sling
-Magpul MBUS Pro Front Sight
-Fortis SHIFT Angled Keymod Grip
-TangoDown Aluminum Stock Latch
-IWC THORNTAIL Keymod Adaptive Light Mount
-Fortis Keymod Rail Sections
-GG&G SCAR Quick Detach Rear Sling Attachment
-IWC SCAR Angled Charging Handle
-Magpul MIAD Grip
-Modified Magpul B.A.D. Lever
-Handle Defense SCAR Extended Magazine Release
-GG&G 45 Degree Offset Accessory Rail
-Fortis Keymod QD Sling Mount
-Magpul SSG SCAR Safety Selector
-LaRue Index Clip
-Butler Creek Scope Caps
-Leather Cheek Rest
-SCAR Gas Screws
-American Flag Vinyl Stickers
-OSS OTB Suppressor 7.62
-Thunder Beast 30P-1 Suppressor
-Magpul PMAG 25 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazines
-Magpul PMAG 20 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazines
-Magpul PMAG 10 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazines
-X Products X-25 Skeletonized 50 Round Drum
-SureFire M952V EX192-QD + Diffuser
-Atlas QD Bipod BT10-NC and LT271
-Elite Iron Suppressor Wrap
-TangoDown Style Handguard
-GG&G SCAR Enhance Angled Charging Handle
-GG&G QD Picattiny Sling Mounts
-Magpul Rail Covers


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