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Since 1968, MTM has continued to design and produce products for the shooting enthusiast. New for 2016, MTM introduced a Broadhead Wrench & Nock Adjustment Tool, which is now available for purchase. The Broadhead Wrench and Nock Adjustment Tool has a universal design for both mechanical and fixed broadheads that works with most blade configurations, …

Arrow Shooting Rifle! Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

Rifles that shoot arrows sound like they’re straight out of a spy movie or science fiction, but they’ve actually been a reality in one form or another for quite some time. FX Airguns makes several high quality arrow guns, for example, though they are not widely distributed in the US. Benjamin brings us the first …


The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is an air rifle that shoots 350gr arrows at 450fps. The Airbow uses standard 250 spine carbon fiber arrows without nocks. The regulated onboard reservoir provides eight full power shots per 3000psi fill. From the manufacturer: THE PIONEER AIRBOW™ is an all-new category of big game weapon featuring full length arrows and …


After all those successful tests with airbows, it was time to leave the Coke bottles and simple ball valves behind. A 1″ steel tube and brass fittings from the hardware store allowed us to go from 200 psi to 600 psi – a huge difference! The high tech indirect solenoid valve is not only much …


The Scorpyd RDT165 is the world’s fastest and most powerful crossbow. Can it punch an arrow through a cinder block? Be sure to watch through the end to see a cool suppressed AR15 go to work on the cinder block after the RDT165 is done with it. –TWANGnBANG


The Slingshot Channel has shown several slingbows, but this time, two things are different. First, the new design really looks and shoots like a recurve bow. The string is replaced by rubber (different thicknesses). Also, the new slingbow allows very quick band changes. The presented range goes from children strength (25 lb) all the way …


If you’re talking about a hotbed of archery innovation, the 2016 Archery Trade Show (ATA) did not disappoint. While my previous article focused on a number of jaw-dropping opening day highlights, what would ATA show coverage be without talking about the bows themselves? Beginning with BowTech Archery’s routine EPIC launch, this time of 9 compound bows …


We are using the HOYT Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo Compound Bow to test out the popular RAGE Chisel Tip 3-Blade Broadheads vs. some Meat/Bone/and Ballistics gel. Lets see if these “BONE BURSTING” Broadheads perform the way they are intended to.


In this video Scott from WAC Outdoors demonstrates just how lethal an arrow can be a longer ranges when fired from a recurve bow. The results may surprise you, especially given that the bow that Scott is using has a very light draw weight of around 40lbs.


This hybrid Katana Machete is brilliant! Multiple uses, from combat to survival! I’ll take one!