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[VIDEO] Black Man vs White Man Openly Carrying AR-15 In Public, Watch What Happens

concealed-carry1-500x333What happens when a black man vs white man openly carries an AR-15 in public? You’ll find many opinions from both sides of the aisle who support open carry and those who strongly oppose open carry.

Those who support concealed carry do so for a variety of reasons, but the three most common are as follows:

1. Tactical Advantage
We could stop the list here and it would still be a good argument for concealed vs. open carry. When you carry your gun exposed you instantly lose the tactical advantage on any situation. The person coming at you knows what you have, where you are keeping it, and can visibly tell when you’re reaching for it. This means there’s a higher probability of an attacker stopping you from drawing or worse yet, coming at you from behind and taking your gun from you.


2. Open Carry Makes a Statement
Like it or not, openly carrying a gun makes a statement. Gun laws are hot news in the United States and practicing open carry puts you right in the center of that debate. Handguns are meant to protect you from someone that wishes to do you or someone else harm, not to be a springboard for an on-the-spot debate.


3. Police Involvement
Speaking of laws, your chances of talking to a police officer or other law enforcement officer while open carrying is nearly 100 percent. If you are open carrying in a state and municipality that allows for open carry, you are breaking no laws. This doesn’t, however, stop random members of the community from calling the police to report a man (or woman) with a gun.

In this video, we see both a black man and a white man openly carrying an AR-15 in public where it’s legal to do so. Are the young men carrying the rifle at fault, or is this an issue of the officers needing to be better trained?

What can be learned by this? Leave us a comment below.

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