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British Special Forces Sniper Kills Five ISIS Soldiers With Only Three Bullets!


British SAS, Special Air Service, snipers are some of the best trained soldiers in the world today.  They undergo a rigorous and lengthy training process that is right on par with the United States military Marine Scout Snipers and the elite Navy Seals.  These highly trained British masters of warfare are always ready to defend their countrymen, the Queen, and those in need where ever and when ever need be.  The motto of the British SAS is “Who Dares, Wins.”  It’s no wonder that they are some of the best at what they do.

 This past week a SAS sniper team was working along the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq.  They had received intelligence of a possible ISIS controlled bomb making factory in the area.  The team took up overwatch duty about 875 yards outside of the alleged target.  It took the SAS elite snipers just a few minutes to realize that they were in fact placing eyes on a location that was making I.E.D.’s, suicide bomb vests, and other explosive devices.

The team called in their intel to their commanders who in turn gave them a green light to engage the enemy ISIS soldiers entering and exiting the bomb factory.  Windage, elevation, and distance were taken into account by the team’s spotter.  With a few clicks the SAS trigger man ready his scope and started his patience gaze down upon his target area.

Soon enough five men exiting the factory into the sniper’s field of view.  Each of the men were wearing long heavy coats in the extreme heat of the desert.  This lead the sniper team to believe the insurgents were wearing body armor or suicide vests.  The British warrior took aim on his first target and gently squeezed his trigger.  The .338 caliber round’s 900 yard flight took just seconds and struck the targeted man in the chest igniting his explosive vest.  The blast from the vest killed two of the other ISIS soldiers close to the first target.  Without hesitation the second shot ripped through the air toward the fourth target.  This round struck the insurgent in the head and he was released from this world.  The third shot struck the fifth target as he rushed to make his way back inside the bomb factory.

Three rounds, five kills.  Kinda makes the old phrase “Killing two birds with one stone” sound like the understatement of the year doesn’t it?  These SAS sniper teams prove yet again that the good guys in the war on terror have the means and the training to take care of ISIS in its homeland.  The sniper, who will always remain unnamed, saved the lives of many innocent people and allied soldiers on that day.  Who knows how many people could have been killed or injured by the suicide bomber and his vest.

Source: BMWMBlog

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