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How To Build A Survival Shelter

Survival shelter

It is no easy task to build a survival shelter especially if you don’t know what materials to use and even how to begin. Here we will show you guys how to build your survival shelter in the woods using simple but useful video. The purpose of this survival shelter is to keep you dry and safe from many environmental effects that might otherwise endanger your life. Let’s watch how to build a survival shelter with alonewolverine1984:

This is very simple shelter and mostly built with easily accessible materials you can find in almost every forest. You don’t have to use same pine tree branches but it is preferable to use thick branches on exterior of your shelter. To resolve stability issues you can build it around the tree and reinforce it with wooden poles or strong sticks. It is important to keep your shelter stable and dry.

Do you guys have any experiance with building shelters? What type of shelters do you recommend? What do you like and didn’t like about this video?

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