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Can You Believe That This ‘Pre-Owned’ AK47 Still Works?

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Anyone interested in this “slightly used but still runs good” AK?

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.03.12 AM reports:

An Instagram user posted images of a gently used Chinese-made Type 56 AK complete with custom furniture that has taken a licking but reportedly kept on ticking.

“The CEO of Underground Tactical sent me this pic of an AK47 he pulled off some poachers in Africa. It still worked. Impressive,” noted user Jon Wayne Taylor ( @jonwaynetaylor ) when he posted it to his feed last week.

If you notice, the pistol grip, buttstock and forearm are all replaced with random hunks of lumber that look to be salvaged from an old desk held on with baling wire and, yes, even string.

The sling looks like a re-purposed length of aging seat belt, the barrel looks to have a definite bend to it, and the metal is…well..stippled. What do you say? NRA VG condition? Too bad they don’t have the original box with this one.

And no dust cover, either. One reason to have at least one AK in the safe…

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