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Now THAT is a sharp sword! KATANA – Japanese quality! Posted by Stanislav Shmat on Monday, December 21, 2015

Why cops shoot people holding a knife instead of using a taser. If a persons reveals a knife and he was already closer than 21 feet, you can’t holster you gun and switch to a taser that fast. Legendary Eskrima martial artist Dan Inosanto demonstrates how dangerous an attacker with a knife can be to …

Survival gear is only good if you have it with you. Fact. This simple fact makes the Card Sharp Credit Card Blade even more valuable!

This razor sharp katana easily runs through a few unopened beer cans. That is scary! How will it perform against 24? Stand back!!

Jamie Hyneman is going to go up against a gun with a throwing knife. Knife Throwing 101 | Mythbusters   The old Gun vs Knife battle! Hope you Enjoy!

The new Schrade SCHF39 Guide Master Slingshot Knife is just plain fun. The full tang knife features a sheath packed with both a course and fine sharpening stone, a ferro rod. ammo holder and, of course, a sling shot. Schrade SCHF39 Guide Master Slingshot Knife Review    

JoergSprave – The Slingshot Channel bought a veritable M16A1 rifle a while ago (it is deactivated of course, so it is legal to own in Germany). After we already presented a slingbow upper receiver for it, now you can see the first two shot knive launcher that mounts underneath the barrel of the rifle. Because of the …

Incredible DIY build of a knife using chunks of concrete and an old shovel!

Everyone needs at least one automatic, one-hand operation folding knife. This Rat Worx MRX, presented by TWANGnBANG, is unique in that it features a sweet chain drive. The chain is not just for looks, but to operate the rugged, heavy blade. Check it out!

Pencak Silat – The Karambit or kerambit is a small Southeast Asian hand-held, curved knife originating in Indonesia. The karambit spelling is mostly used in the Philippines. In Western literature it is occasionally misspelled as “korambit.” As proven by its etymological roots, the kerambit originated in West Sumatra where, according to folklore, it was inspired by the claws …