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These guys are known for their gun expertise and they rarely focus on knives. There is wisdom to be found, however, in this Military Arms Channel exclusive on some of the knives seen over the years on their channel. Enjoy!

GY6vids is known for firearms and ballistics testing videos. Fantastic stuff, and this clip on how to throw knives, axes, and tomahawks is no exception. Is this a skill that you need to develop? This instructional video will show you how!

Each of these “5 Meanest Blades of All Times” is designed for lethality. Some are thin like scalpels, some are sci-fi. Watch what they do to thick ballistics gelatin! Thanks to JoergSprave for the tests.

Greg Thompson has trained Special Operations Forces in combatives for years and developed the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) Dagger. This dagger is made to integrate with weapons or to be used in a stand-up hand-to-hand fight or in a ground fight. It is available with a Trainer (non-sharp) for realistic training. Watch these Special …

Watch what Wolf .223 and Federal 5.56 rounds do to 19 sheets of particle board. How far will each penetrate and how will it hold together? Whoa – check out the guest appearance of the Mosin-Nagant! Thanks to TheFireArmGuy for this test.

Great information from Ronnie Barrett, who invented the Barrett .50 cal over 30 years ago. I want one of those lapel pins!

This basic knife throwing technique will have a beginner up and running fast!

Do you think that a Ballistic Knife would be an exotic but unnecessary addition to your survival kit? This demonstration might change your mind.

The performance of Toxic in the field is well-chronicled. 5 inches of cutting power in a 7/8 inch broadhead from Flying Arrow Archery!

When choosing a survival knife, purpose, materials, and cost are all important considerations. Durability is also important and varies depending upon environment. This video from Equip 2 Endure considers these factors and more when listing their Top 10 Survival Blades.