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The first product in a series of upcoming product launches from Adaptive Tactical focused on convenient shot shell storage for the Remington and Mossberg Pump Action Shotguns, the Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier is a natural line extension from the ultimate shot shell carrying system – the Sidewinder Venom™. Nampa, Idaho ( – Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers …

Engel Ballistic Research (EBR) focuses on offering a mission-specific ammunition solution for a wide variety of operations. Now, they have turned their attention on the suppressed hunting community and are providing the highly popular .300 Blackout in subsonic expanding and subsonic fracturing, a lethal combination for wild hogs. “The popularity of the .300 Blackout is …

When writing my second long range rifle book two years ago I interviewed a US Army Ranger that was a sniper in the sand box about rangefinders. He informed me that due to the poor condition and function of the issued ranging equipment that he and his spotter were using, he bought and paid for a rangefinder …

Let’s look at the differences between the Blackhawk Sportster ammo can and the Walmart “Stout Stuff” ammo can. The differences may surprise you. BLACKHAWK AMMO CAN : $19.99 STOUT STUFF AMMO CAN : $12.83

Live fire training with Bradley Fighting Vehicles from Bravo Company 2/136 INF, #$ BCT, Minnesota National Guard, on a range outside Camp Fallujah Iraq. February 2007

10 Best Rifle Cases 2016

In the market for a new rifle case? Here’s the scoop: Rifle Cases Reviewed In This Wiki: Barska Loaded Gear AX-400 Flambeau Safeshot Econ Plano Pillared 1511-01 Uncle Mike’s 52141 Tactical Drago Gear DRG12-323TN-P Allen Company Dakota 997-48 Explorer Case Voodoo Tactical 15-7613 Condor 128-002 Pelican Products 1750

The question is no longer IF you should own a Flamethrower, it’s which one do I buy? I hope this video helps some people out, clearly I went with option C which is to get them both! –FPSRussia

How much fun would this be? If they can imagine it, they can build it! This “wearable robot” is aptly named, THE HULC!

Wild new technology propels objects at 350 feet per second and even shoots arrows! The Pocket Shot is the perfect addition to any camping or bugout bag. Whether you’re looking to kill small game or just shoot for fun, the Pocket Shot gets it done. See more at — with The Pocket Shot.