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[WATCH] The Air Force’s 10 Most Expensive Planes To Operate

I am shocked to see how much these aircraft cost per flight hour! These are the Air Force’s 10 most expensive planes to operate.

U.S Snipers -Vs- Taliban - Afghanistan

U.S Soldiers, pinned down by Taliban During a Firefight outbreak in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, 2014.

.22 Ammo for the Apocalypse - Hybrid Pellet/Nail Gun Blank Rounds

Once again we take a look at launching pellets using powder actuation tool loads, or nail gun blanks. This time I’ll address some ideas and suggestions viewers have brought up, like gluing the pellet to the blank to speed things up. –TAOFLEDERMAUS

Intense Firefight with SEALs (SEAL Team 3) and Army Soldiers in Iraq! U see the SEALs at 0:30 – 0:40 and from 7:03 – 7:38! It’s proven that these are SEALS …. They’re not 101st Airborne Infantry which u see in this video, too! –MilitaryCorner

British SAS And US Marines Engage Taliban In Firefight

No SAS faces are clearly shown in the video so PERSEC is not violated. British SAS and US Marines work together to destroy a Taliban patrol in Afghanistan.

Soldiers Fire Rockets and Machine Guns at Taliban In Charkh

During a firefight, AT-4 Rockets and MK-48 machine guns are used to rain fire onto Taliban positions in Charkh Afghanistan.

Firefight On Helmet Cam In Afghanistan

Primarily captured through helmet cams, the footage on this channel gives an unprecedented glimpse into what our boys go through on the ground every day.

[WATCH] US Patrol Ambushed by Taliban!

It is not intended to shock or disturb anyone, but to show the reality of war and what our soldiers have gone through, and continue to go through. This video is of an ambush on a US Patrol in the Kunar Province in Afghanistan in 2010. The lead MRAP vehicle is hit by a RPG …

Deadliest Aircraft in the US Air Force: The AC-130 Spectre Gunship

This educational video is structured to show the United States AC-130 strike operations in a secret location, engaging targets also of an unknown group. The AC-130 is manufactured by Lockheed Martin, and Boeing is responsible for the conversion into a gunship technology, and its heavily armed, being a long-endurance ground-support variant of the C-130 Hercules …