Community Guidelines

Weapon’s Media staff would like to hear what you got to say. Your active contribution is highly valuable for us! Let’s all join forces and get this gun loving, knife crazed place what it deserves – honor and respect. We all would like to make WM better place to enjoy great selection of weaponry and knife arsenals, so we as you honor these simple steps in good fashion that we all can enjoy this wonderful place of guns, knifes and everything other related to them. To keep this place fun for all, clean and prosperous ground for gun ideas exchange, we ask you to follow these guidelines while posting to our site:

1. Speak your mind, but don’t go crazy.

While we encourage our visitors to share great gun and knife related stories, it’s also important not to get too carried away while doing so. Discuss and debate our content but don’t go crazy on your fellow reader if he disagrees with what you have to say, or doesn’t support your idea.

For contributors that continue to disobey our rules we will apply severe punishments. First indiscretion might end up in warning but any further blatant violation of our rules will be punished with permanent ban from our forums. This is serious rule from admin staff of Weapon’s Media.

2. Little patience can come a long way

While some readers might be quieter than other, we ask of you that you do not jump straight away on your fellow contributor. DO NOT presume stuff and act like you know what others had in mind, without asking. Always ask your fellow contributor to clerify what did he mean with his statement and DO NOT JUMP THE GUN on him.

Also if your comment is awaiting approval, please be patient on us. We are working hard to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for understanding.

3. Contribute with great content and be rewarded

Here at Weapon’s Media we are working overtime to bring in new features every day. We plan to give rewards for best contributors in our forums for their hard work. This feature is coming soon. So be sure to contribute with quality responses and try to stay away form trouble.

4. Just be yourself – cheesy we know (but it’s the truth)

This could possibly be the most important rule of them all. Just be yourself and share you love and passion for guns and knife. We are all here because we enjoy same stuff, aren’t we? Of course we are and so are other readers that might enjoy what YOU have to offer.


If you have complaints, concerns, questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us! Or send an e-mail at [email protected]


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