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Dead Air Sandman L! QD Precision Silencer

TWANGnBANG – The Sandman L is an 8.9” 30 caliber quick detach silencer made by Dead Air Armament. Though not marketed as a precision rifle silencers, I found the Sandman L to tighten the groups I shoot with my Wilson Combat 308 Super Sniper by about 0.1-0.2 MOA.

The Sandman L weighs 23.4oz, constructed of fully welded Stellite baffles stuffed into a Cerakoted stainless tube. In fact, everything but the Stellite baffles are high quality, 17-4 stainless. This means the construction is tough enough to be full auto rated up to 300 win mag with no minimum barrel length restrictions.

The Nitrided 17-4 stainless brake is different than anything I’ve seen before. It has three standard baffles to control recoil plus three compensating ports on the top to control muzzle rise. What’s unique are the two side ports that direct gas across the sides of the brake. This disrupts the concussive blast that is normally extremely unpleasant to other shooters on the firing line, and from informal comments I got at the range, this design seems to work.

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