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Defensive Pistol | 5 x 5 Drill

Do this drill every time you step foot on the firing range to enhance your defensive shooting capabilities.. Consistency is key.

*WITH A PARTNER* I mention in the beginning of this video that it’s great to do this drill with a partner. This is especially true if you are using a revolver or semi-auto pistol that doesn’t have a 19 round extended magazine. As an instructor or training partner, I would have the shooter stand on the firing line with an empty pistol and I would hold their magazine. As they complete the first round of 5 dry fires, I would place their magazine with one live round, into their mag carrier, pocket or hand. The shooter would then load the magazine, fire the solo round, remove the magazine and continue to round 2 dry fires. I would then load 2 lives rounds and replenish the magazine again… wash, rinse, repeat.

*WITHOUT A PARTNER* This is best if you have an extended magazine for your semi-auto pistol that holds 19 rounds. You can complete the drill without changing out magazines, as you will end up racking out 4 live rounds throughout the drill. If you are limited to a 7 or 8 round magazine, you will need multiple magazines to complete the drill. If you do have to reload magazines, keep bullets in your pocket, make sure to safely and efficiently reholster the pistol (finger stays OFF the trigger), reload magazine and place it back into mag carrier, draw the pistol, load and commence the drill… wash, rinse, repeat until complete.

Tactical Survival Training

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    Defensive Pistol | 5 x 5 Drill – Weapons Media

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    Defensive Pistol | 5 x 5 Drill – Weapons Media

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