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Destiny’s Top 5 Shooting Experiences on YouTube

What are your favorite shooting range moments? Here are my top five favorite shooting experiences on YouTube.

Over the past four years that I’ve been running this YouTube channel, and there are five experiences out on the shooting range that stand out in my memory as my favorites.

5. Shooting the Barrett .50 cal rifle.

4. Training USPSA with Ben Stoeger.

3. Destroying a truck using the full auto belt fed M60 rifle.

2. Shooting the .500 Magnum one handed, for the first time.

1. Shooting the Springfield Range Officer 1911 in front of Rob Leatham

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  1. Theodore Gates
    March 16, 2016

    I also have a list of fun shooting experiences but my interest is with older rifles and muskets which include
    I have shot original Civil War rifles, including Springfields, and a cf Spencer.
    1862 Peabodys are a favorite.
    I love mastering Flintlocks, took a long time, and shoot a repro Brown Bess, a Baker, Flint and percussion Kentuckies. and a Blunderbuss.
    also various percussion pistols.
    and a nice set of Dueling pistols I have.
    Now for a matchlock, and a hand cannon. What fun.

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