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DIY How To Harden Doors Pt.1- EZ Armor Door Armor

Doors are a necessary compromise to enter your home. Just about every residential door can be defeated with one kick. I set out to find how I could, as inexpensively as possible, harden a door for a safe room at the Ranch. Door Armor is a solution to tie most exterior grade (whether you are using it inside or out) solid wood, metal, or fiberglass door. Check it out:

Door Armor (White)-
Door Armor (Satin Nickel)-
Door Armor (Aged Bronze)-
Armor Concepts (makers of Door Armor) have some other security products not covered in this video that are worth taking a look at, check them out:

As I mentioned in the video, I had a difficult time driving the supplied 4″ screws and stripped a few due to the philips head drive. I’ve since been informed that I have an older kit and Door Armor is now shipped with square drive screws. This should alleviate the stripping issue mentioned in the video. I made a mistake in the video as well. I replace the stripped screws with 3 1/2″ Spax square drive fasteners-

Check out the video of people attempting to defeat a door with door armor-…

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