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The Effective And Deadly GATOR Shotgun Spreader

The Effective And Deadly GATOR Shotgun Spreader

Paradigm SRP’s GATOR is a modern version of the Duckbill shotgun spreader that was used in Vietnam by the US Navy SEALs. The original Duckbill spreader proved to be extremely effective and deadly in close quarter combat environments. Although very effective, the Duckbill spreader did have a propensity to fracture after extensive use. Paradigm SRP has overcome the Duckbill’s original issues by totally re-engineering, yet still keeping its combat effectiveness.

The GATOR spreads the shot out into a narrow horizontal pattern. It is excellent for certain tactical applications, home defense, and hunting situations in thick brush against fast moving 4 legged or 2 legged game.

Like its predecessor, the GATOR is designed to be most effective when using #4 lead buckshot, which allows it to spread into an optimal pattern that enhances ones ability to put lead on target. NOTE: The GATOR has been tested with 00 Buck, but we do not recommend its use due to the potential for poor pattering. STEEL SHOT OR SLUGS SHOULD NEVER BE USED. Spreads shot up to 6 feet at 12 yards Reduces felt recoil Easily installed on any choke equipped shotgun Door breaching capable

A percentage of the GATOR profits will go to support the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

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