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Extrema Ratio Knives Made For Merciless Scenarios


Extrema Ratio Knives

Knife Brand: Extrema Ratio

Models: SERE, DICOK, ER Commando, Dobermann IV

Extrema Ratio is well established, quality oriented knife manufacturer that focuses primarily on specially designed knives that have become popular within the Special Forces community and SWAT teams alike. After being tested hardcore on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Extrema Ratio knives became very popular among military members. Today many governments around the world issue Extrema Ratio knives to their special forces members as part of their standard gear.

Here we will take a special look on one of more prominent knifes this company produced.

DICOK (DIving COmpact Knife)

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extrema_dicokDICOK is short for Diving Compact Knife and is specially designed by military and civilian experts just for diving activities. When designing this blade, main purpose was to create essential and simply useful tool for diving actions, which can be easily deployed and carried. Chisel-type blade is main characteristic of this blade as DICOK is considered utility knife rather than combat knife, while handle and the arm guard take similarity to Suppressor combat dagger.

DICOK is equipped with bright yellow nylon band that offers wide variety utility for placement and usage of this knife. Also if dropped, this band can be seen for a far. Usually DICOK is used in company with Kydex core sheath which offers strong protection walls and neoprene cover. Kydex core sheath can be secured almost in every position on diver’s body – forearm to your assault kit.

Utility and other features mentioned makes DICOK prime diving knife in every situation.

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