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Future Today – Metal Storm

Futuristic weapons aren’t something that I personally enjoy, but this one cough my attention. Metal Storm’s electric firing system is capable of firing at unbelivable rate – 16,000 9mm rounds per second. If this isn’t awesome fire rate, then I don’t know what is. It basicaly creates a spear or a wall of bullets shredding any target. Let’s take a quick look at this amazing futuristic weapon:

As you can see in the video, Metal Storm can even be used for taking down enemy missiles. But that’s not all, as most of futuristic weapons it can be controlled from a distance. It isn’t man operated as most of today’s machineguns. Also Metal Storm is equipped with sensors that can detect movement and collect other vital information, which then can be easily used by commanding officers on the field.

Weapon’s Media is anxious to see your reactions; what do you guys say about this weapon? Will the Metal Storm become standard weapon of modern warfare soon?

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    Future Today – Metal Storm – Weapons Media

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