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Girls like Saiga-12s

TiborasaurusRex – Girls like Saiga-12 auto loading shotguns and the massive firepower they put out. The Saiga 12 can be easily controled in the hands of beginners, even small women as shown in this video. The Saiga-12 is the ultimate bone shredding, fire breathing, lead belcher money can buy. By one for your wife or your fiancé, buy one for your daughter, buy one for that nice girl next door, buy one for your grandma, and buy one for the local girl scout leader. All American chicks that love life should possess this ultimate equalizer to defend their homes from such things as: grizzly bear attack, alien invasion (space aliens of course), wolverines, that honey badger that don’t give a xxx, thugs, gangsters, Hitler wanna bees, Africanized killer bees, or any other evil force that seeks to do them harm. Go to your local FFL guy and order one now, before they are banned forever!

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    Girls like Saiga-12s – Weapons Media

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    Girls like Saiga-12s – Weapons Media

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