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Glock 18C – The Deadly Serpent

We have all heard of Glock 18C. If you haven’t you have probably seen it in a movie or a video game. This 9mm bad boy is capable of firing blazing 1200 rounds per minute, no handgun was able to get even close to this performance before Glock 18C came. Polymer material used in manufacturing this pretty boy made it possible to have such amazing firing rate without dispersing or jamming. Let’s watch this highly educational video brought to us by Youtuber ruffrideralec:

Standard magazine of Glock 18C is holding 33 rounds that can be fired in a matter of milliseconds. Yes, even if you are a blind man firing this gun, you just simply can not miss with The Deadly Serpent. Only sad thing about this baby – Glock 18C is considered automatic weapon and as such is banned for personal use. Only SWAT teams and specially trained military personnel can handle The Serpent legally.

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