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Good Samaritan Tries To ‘Do The Right Thing’ Outside Arlington Walgreens, Pays A Sad Price

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Sometimes good intentions also require tactical planning…

image via Instagram
image via Instagram

 An armed Good Samaritan was killed on Monday outside a Walgreens when he tried to stop a gunman after a domestic shooting around noon.

According to police, a woman who worked at the drug store got into an argument of some kind with her boyfriend or husband that resulted in the man shooting the woman in the lower leg.

The Good Samaritan witnessed the dispute and went to his car to retrieve a gun, confronted the suspect, and tried to make a citizen’s arrest. The suspect, who had returned to his vehicle in the parking lot, got out and gunned down the Good Samaritan, police said. He died at the scene.

Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook said the Good Samaritan’s wife saw her husband killed.

“He was trying to do the right thing,” Cook said.

The suspect fled the scene, but later was taken into custody after a family member took him to a Department of Public Safety in Hill County. Sources tell News 8 the suspect is in the military, but his identity has not been released.

The Good Samaritan’s name has also not been released – WFAA ARLINGTON

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