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How To Weaponize Hardware Store Goods

Attention: This video is a commercial (sponsored) promotion for the movie “Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse”. The clips from the movie trailer have been used with specific permission of Paramount Pictures.
When Paramount Pictures asked us to test if you can REALLY make effective weapons based only on things you can find in the average hardware store, we had to do it. They even had a small budget for us, so we went on a regular shopping spree!

We built and tested three weapons: A slingshot (of course), a heavy duty flail and a bad assed grass trimmer.

See how these things were made and how effective they are!

Warning: The weapons and the action you see in this video are potentially very dangerous. Do not try this at home. –JoergSprave

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    How To Weaponize Hardware Store Goods – Weapons Media

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    How To Weaponize Hardware Store Goods – Weapons Media

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    How To Weaponize Hardware Store Goods – Weapons Media

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