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HSGI Battle Belt – Proper Usage

Our friend mactheknife801 from YouTube will showcase his system on how to properly use your HSGI battle belt. It is not only important to have your gear ready, it is also important to utilize all of your gear fast and have systems in place. This is why we think using mactheknife801’s system is a good idea; his system is very well organized and well thought-trough and can help you deal with any situation more appropriately. How does he do it and what is his secret? All of that and much more will be reveled in the following video:

Althought HSGI gear comes at a little more expensive side, it is made of high quality materials and will serve you for quite some time. Cheap gear usually doesn’t offer quality but may save you a few bucks. With gear, like with the most items, it all comes to personal preferences or the budget at hand.

Do you use any battle belts? Do you have any systems in place? How would you use HSGI Battle Belt? Share your thoughts with us.

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