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Hypocrites of Gun Control (Gun Control, But Not for Me)

And they are led by none other than Rosie O’Donnell…

The evil and hypocrisy of the anti-gun activists exposed. They want to take our guns away but keep guns for themselves. Why? Because they know that having a gun in your home makes sense, you turn the predator (burglar, rapist, kidnapper) into prey. But they just dont care if you or your familys are safe.

Gun control doesnt work. The three American cities with the highest gun restrictions, and gun control laws, are also the most dangerous cities in America, with the highest violent crime rate.
In my home state of Minnesota we passed a citizen carry law a few years ago. The anti-gun nuts said it would be the end of the world. But violent crime went down dramatically in less than a year.


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    Hypocrites of Gun Control (Gun Control, But Not for Me) – Weapons Media

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    Hypocrites of Gun Control (Gun Control, But Not for Me) – Weapons Media

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