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Is FIBERGLASS Bulletproof?

In this video we test some level I (UL) fiberglass ballistic paneling. This is normally used for protecting judges and fortifying safe-rooms- protecting families from tornadoes etc. but really isn’t used as actual body armor. A normal steel AR500 plate weighs about 9lbs. but our plate is only 2.5lbs. Of course the AR500 will stop faster rifle rounds. But what about applications like a mini-mart cashier which is more-likely to encounter a pistol? This might be one solution. This paneling isn’t cheap, is costs about $600 for a 4×8′ sheet, but you can get a LOT of body-armor-sized pieces from that sheet. –TAOFLEDERMAUS

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    Is FIBERGLASS Bulletproof? – Weapons Media

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    Is FIBERGLASS Bulletproof? – Weapons Media

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    Is FIBERGLASS Bulletproof? – Weapons Media

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