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Leftist Hypocrite Politicians Shun Signs Advertising ‘Gun Free Homes’

It seems that leftist politicians and their staff are somewhat reluctant to display “gun free” signs in their homes. What a surprise.

Undercover reporter and activist James O’Keefe held some anti-gun politician’s feet to the fire with a mock “gun free” signage the other day.

O’Keefe and his film group, Project Veritas, fcreated a bogus gun control organization called Citizens Against Senseless Gun Violence, made up some signs, and took to the halls of congress to find out if politicians really had the strength of their convictions.

The signs read, “This Home Is Proudly Gun Free!” and O’Keefe presented them to staffers in the offices of anti-gun Congressmen for displaying in their homes. The results were interesting, and telling of how much these politicians and their staffers truly stand by the words they speak.

First, the communications director for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, said he wouldn’t put the sign up in his home because he’s “actually a gun owner.” The Project Verita crew reacted in mock horror: “Oh nooooo!”

Then, Gregory Berry, chief council for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee agreed to put one up in the congresswoman’s office but declined to put one up in his own home. Admitting that he doesn’t have guns in his home, he refused to “advertise” it.

Congressman Charles Rangel was approached outside of his home and he refused to take the sign.

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