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Liberal Chicago Journalist Tries To Buy Ar-15 To Prove Gun Control Point, Fails Background Check

Liberal Chicago Sun-Times Journalist Reporter Neil Steinberg attempted to purchase an AR-15 “assault weapon” rifle from a local gun store, in an attempt to display how easy the process is, but failed in an epic way, then he attempted to bury the story. The reason why he failed would not normally have been disclosed, but the editor of the story made an inquiry to the actual gun shop, and it was the editors’ decision to publish the reason along with the story. Which was the fact that Mr. Steinberg failed his background check due to a history of alcoholism and a charge of domestic violence against his wife in the past.

The gun control point Neil Steinberg attempted to make with this story wound up being an accurate representation of laws that are already on the books which prevent people from being able to buy guns. Sometimes law-abiding citizens get caught up in the mix, sometimes people with somewhat shady pasts, but not completely criminal pasts, like Neil Steinberg, also get caught up in the mix.

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