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With the debate over immigration policies have touched a ton of nerves across the country, a US army veteran who proudly served the army fighting for the country’s constitutional rights and freedom decided to exercise one of the rights he fought for, the “freedom of speech”.

Troy Maxham, a resident of Roxbury, Vermont, who selflessly served the country, protested against the fundamentally violent ideology of Islam, Maxham placed a homemade sign outside of his house in early March, declaring the property to be a “Muslim Free Zone.”


There had been no signs of previous Muslim visitors inside his home but he made it clear that they aren’t welcome there.

While Maxham is certainly entitled to his own belief, some of his neighbors don’t seem to like the sign hanging around his house. One local resident created quite a stir when she broached the topic via a letter to the local newspaper editor.

Sign Troy Maxham posted in his house
Sign Troy Maxham posted in his house

Authorities did respond but not in the way they hoped for. Local officials have said there’s nothing they can do about the sign because it’s considered free speech protected by the First Amendment.

So what they did was they took matters into their own hands, trespassed onto his property and stole his sign. However, Maxham responded in an epic way. He put up another sign, this time fastened to the wall with plumbers tape and screws! With signs, “Still A Muslim Free Zone.”


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