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New Expanding And Fragmenting Rounds Will Have You Drooling! OATH Ammo

Modern innovations are giving concealed carriers more options and more confidence. OATH Ammo is one prime example.

Video below:

Concealed Nation has more…

We all like to talk down on .380 ACP rounds.  But what if a .380 ACP round could expand to nearly the size of a child’s fist as it punched through soft tissue?  Well, that would certainly change the game in terms of taking low caliber bullets and making them very good at neutralizing bad guys.  That’s precisely what Operators American Tactical Hardware (OATH) ammunition has done.

Their most recent release unveiled at SHOT Show 2016 is actually a 12 gauge expanding slug that’s frangible and has excellent penetration testing against ballistic gel.  But, they’re actually extremely well known for their handgun variants — everything from .25 ACP to .45.  Enclosed below, for your viewing satisfaction.  OATH variant ammunition on the right and the left.

View The Images And More Here

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