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Recurve Bow Shooting Video

In this YouTube video we will get to see Samick Sage Review and Recurve Bow Shooting, all-in-one. This bow is really popular among bow hunters and archers alike. Many users have high praise for this Recurve Bow and in the following video we will get to see why, and how does this bow feels and shoots. So, let’s take a quick look on this video from TheMadgecko:

With a price of around 139$ for an entry level bow, we feel it’s quite pricey. Especially for beginners who won’t even know how to use it properly right-of-the-bat. It is a nice bow, don’t get us wrong, but it offers much more than most of entry level archers know how to handle. We feel that this bow should used by advanced archers with slight modification to the bow’s raiser.

How do you guys feel about Samick Sage? Is this a bow you would use for hunting? Do you have any experience with Recurve Bows?

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