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Ruger SR9 -Vs- Glock 19: Mud Test

Having noticed a recent trend of competitive (sub-$400) pricing with the Ruger SR9, James, a former SR9 owner, buys an SR9 again to revisit the platform.

Coincidentally, James also has a brand new in the box Glock 19, so, in addition to offering his observations about the Ruger SR9 generally, James also has an opportunity to compare the reliability of the two pistols after each is immersed in a bucket of mud.

How does the SR9 stack up against the Glock?

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    Ruger SR9 -Vs- Glock 19: Mud Test – Weapons Media

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    Ruger SR9 -Vs- Glock 19: Mud Test – Weapons Media

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    Ruger SR9 -Vs- Glock 19: Mud Test – Weapons Media

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    Ruger SR9 -Vs- Glock 19: Mud Test – Weapons Media

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