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Secret Service – Secret Weapons

Have you ever wondered what kind of weaponry does Secret Service use? You have? Great,so did we. In this video we will show you exactly which type of rifles and guns are commonly used by Secret Service Agents when pinned down in a difficult spot. Weapon’s Media present to you Secret Weapons of Secret Service video made by FPSRussia:

As we did a showcase video earlier on P90 HERE – we didn’t focus much of our attention to it. It was already clear to us that P90 is a fine piece of weaponry. H&K MP5 was what interested us the most and as it turns out, it seems Secret Service agents also prefer it’s unique firepower and effectiveness on the field.

Which of these fine assault rifles you prefer the best? Weapon’s Media Team is looking forward to your comments!

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    Secret Service – Secret Weapons – Weapons Media

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