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Shooting An AK47 Filled With PEEPS! Will It Function?

What happens if you put Peeps inside an AK47? Will it destroy this fine piece of assault machinery? Will the bolt be glued closed permanently? Or will the AK-47 laugh off this week attempt at a torture test? Will the marshmallows solidify or act as a lubricant? Will the gun explode due to over pressurization? These are a few of the scientific hypothesis we test in this amazing new video by Mattv2099 where he attempts to glue his AK shut. The title of this video is: Shooting an AK47 filled with PEEPS! Will It function?

The AK-47 is a legendary Machine. Capable of operating in environments that would destroy other firearms. Mattv2099 has subjected his AK to a variety of harsh experiments in the last two years. From food torture tests and product reviews to weird scientific experiments and life hacks. I cover everything AK related included how to clean your AK quickly (in the car wash), how many twinkies you can stuff inside an AK and even shooting AK’s without necessary components. I also publish AK47 videos on my second channel named “MatthewjamesBeast.” Thank you for watching!


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